Your Own Successful Business essay example

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Career Exploration Assignment- Part One of the oldest industries still running smoothly today is the hospitality industry. I may pursue a dream of opening up my own restaurant someday, and this article has opened many doors of knowledge pertaining to some of my goals. Although, the starting salary is between $27,000 and $35,000 there is still more money to be made if you have your own successful business. The internships that are provided in your junior year and your senior year can lead to many positive possibilities in the future. Students can get internships in restaurant, major hotels, and resort settings. With the general core curriculum of the business classes and the specific hospitality classes along with a solid internship (with a solid GPA of course!) can lead to much success.

Much of the success that is needed in this field will come with hard work and patience. The main thing that you need to focus on is grades, and keeping in touch with your advisor. My area that I would most like to take control of if I didn't own my own business would be the finances. Aside from the menu planning, food production, employee relations, and purchasing there is the companies finances. I like dealing with numbers and money, plus I think I can do it efficiently enough where the company can benefit a lot. In hospitality management there are many things that one can do if they have the proper education and training.