This first oral presentation will be given on Monday, January 28, Center Campus, 6-10 p. m., C-105. The topic will be about some aspect concerning your career that you have found interesting. It can be an item that you find as you search the internet about your career (potential earnings, current wage offerings, number of opportunities available, etc.) or it can be an observation that you have made in your present career climb. You may use notes. You might not have to do any research. You should be concentrating on your presentation skills without having to worry about learning / researching your topic.

Be sure to at least review Chapter 13 prior to the presentation date. This presentation will be videotaped. Therefore, you are required to bring a blank VCR tape to class. A camera will be in the room. The length of your presentation will be between 2-3 minutes. During this first presentation you will not be stopped if you exceed the three minutes, but the expectation is that you will keep it within the time frame.

You will be timed and will need to indicate how you met this factor in the critique of your presentation. You will take the tape home and in the comfort of your own family room, view your presentation. As you " re doing this, you should be writing comments down about your presentation. The list below will give you ideas of what to look for and what to prepare for in practicing your presentation. The comments in parentheses are provided to give you an idea of what to look for as you view your video and / or what to think about as you prepare for your presentation. Basically, if you were sitting in my on ground class this is the material that I would be going over in giving instructions / information for this first presentation.

As you can see, the list is divided into three parts: appearance, voice, and content. Two things you should think about... First, choose a topic that you can handle comfortably and ethically. Second, refrain from using off-color language or retelling any office / workplace story that is in poor taste.

This will not be tolerated. What comes under 'off-color'? Profane language, sexist comments, questionable taste, or derogatory comments are not acceptable.