I attended this meeting as the second open discussion on the 9-11 topic. I had been very confused by the situation and even less sure after the first but felt that with so many knowledgeable speakers I was sure to find out some of the answers to my questions. In the end I feel that I learned that the motivation of the attackers is so close to the response of those who were attacked. I feel that there is a very fine line between those who are "evil" and those who were attacked it seems that the underlying factors are the same it is just a different way of expressing them. I will spell out what I mean.

1. The attackers have a collective mentality. With the attacked we see them pulling together behind the things that bind them as Americans, with the flag. (Nationalism) There has been a tremendous reaching out, the 9-11 funds collected more than they could handle. (collectivism) 2. The desire to be a hero (the bombers become martyrs) With the attacked numerous heroic individuals, police, random people helping as much as they can. 3.

The ability to dedicate oneself to a higher cause. Those attacked became willing to enlist and risk their lives in combat for "freedom". 4. The resolve to believe that one can meet any ends with resolve and determination even in the face of great obstacles.

The need for hope and the persistence of the families and rescue workers in the days after the attacks when the searched the rumble for life and currently while they search for those who perished in hope that they can make some difference in the final analysis. 5. A faith in their religion that is strong and devote. Those attacked need for faith and the turning to religion for comfort and explanation. Church attendance was up by 24%.

6. The need to find the "one at fault" and identify then as the enemy. (causing them harm won't count because the are the evil ones.) The tendency for those attacked to see themselves as blameless and those who attacked as the "evil one's" Revenge is OK even if we kill innocent people because they are the enemy. In some of these numbers it is hard to tell who are the attackers and who are the attacked because they are really so similar. I bold ed the traits of the terrorist and left those of the attacked in print.

This analysis seems so shocking but the people on both sides have the same traits and use them for what they think is right and accuse the other of being wrong.