After going from city to city in the Starship, we where looking for a place to stay at. We had left Earth because I was being taken over by the aliens that where discovered from other planets. We knew we would encounter other aliens while exploring other planets so we took proper precautions and brought the protection we would need through out the trip. We where going in outer space so the aliens would not track us and follow us to destroy us.

We had arrived to the first planet and just by looking at it, it looked like this planet was not going to become our home for long. We got out of the star ship just to explore it anyway. We started to walk around on the planet and we felt shaking constantly. I thought it was just constant earthquakes and that they never stopped, but I knew I was wrong when I saw a lot of creatures just running around. I knew they were making the shaking because of the number of creatures. It looked like the creatures where hostile because they were fighting with themselves and with one another.

We turned around and walked the other way to a canyon that we had seen as we landed on the planet. This planet was weird, it was very dry and there looked like there was no source of water because of how dry it was. As we looked over the canyon I told my brother Jack, "Look how deep the canyon is, and how steep". He replied, "Yea dude, it looks pretty nasty down there. I think we should just go and tell mom and dad that this place it pretty weird and we can't live here". I agreed with him for once in a long time, so we headed back to the star ship to take off.

We got back to the ship and those a couple of those creatures we had saw spotted us and came toward us pretty fast. We just went in the star ship and didn't turn back. Those creatures ignored us and just turned around and went back with there herd. My mom and dad had saw the creatures chase us and asked what they where.

My brother Jack said, "I don't know. They looked like small nasty horses". My mom looked at him like he was crazy or something. My dad said then, "Let's go you guys. I wouldn't want to live here with those creature so lets go explore some more".

I always wondered when this exploring would stop because when we left earth we just stood in the star ship for about a year until a couple of days ago when we started to explore other planets. We took off in search of another planet to live on. We where a nomadic family that kept moving from place to place without knowing what was going to be there. As we headed for the next planet my brother and I had started a conversation. We where talking about how we would have been better off just staying there on earth instead of just getting lost and not know where the hell we where.

He was babbling on and on about that and I really did not give a care but I paid attention just because he was my brother and I had to pay attention to him or he would tell my mom and dad. My mom and dad were kind of stupid I think. They never paid attention to me because they thought Jack was Gods greatest creation or something. They spoiled him a lot and I was just there to do things for him. We were coming up on the next planet and I was getting my brother and myself ready to go explore the planet. We had trouble landing because there was so many trees and rocks.

There was water here, a lot of water was here, that was crashing up against the sides of the cliff. This place was scary just by looking at it. When my brother and I got out of the ship to start looking around he thought he saw something by the blink of his eye. I told him he was crazy and that he was seeing things.

He denied that I knew what he saw. I got a little suspicious when I saw something at the corner of my eye. It looked like something was hunting and that it was surrounding us, getting ready for the attack on us. We went back into the ship and got our laser guns. We went back out and raised the door back up with the remote. We went walking to see if what we saw was for real or if it was just a figment of our imagination.

We went behind the rocks and we could hear things but could not see things. We saw something like blushes moving around. It looked as if they were invisible so we just kept on walking to see if we could find any thing else and just to check out the planet. Those blushes started to follow us and whenever we did something quick or fast moving they would jump back quick. It didn't look like those creatures would attack us because they would flinch back whenever we moved quickly. We started in this one direction that they kind of let us to.

It was this big cave that was pretty big and there was another creature that we could see. This creature looked like it was an apelike figure or something. This started to become a little scary and my little brother was starting to get scared also. All the invisible creatures where not invisible any more, they all were creatures that were ready to have supper and we were going to be it. My brother was getting really scared now. I whispered to him, "Don't worry.

Shoot the apes by the exit of this cave and I will make sure the other apes don't do anything". He did as I told him and I backed him up. We where in &! % up to our knees, all the apes started yelling and they all started to become invisible again. I started to run towards the exit with my brother at my side and the blushes where all in the way of the cave exit. I was really clueless to what was going to happen next. I tried to scare the apes but they did not react or do any thing except get even mad.

The apes walked forward which meant we had to walk backwards to the big apelike creature. I was just as scared as my brother was and didn't know what to do. The big apelike creature asked us, "What is your business doing here."We are exploring planets to see which one is livable, and this planet is out of the question I think", was what I said. All the apes started laughing, especially the big one. He then said, "This planet here is our planet and whoever invades it will be killed". I then replied, "Well then, I think we should get our butts outta here don't you think big ape".

That was what I called him on accident because it just came out. I think he was offended by it because he started laughing. My brother then said, "Hey big sir. Can you let us go please?" The big sir was the polite way to talk to the guy I had found out by my brother. He always pulled me out of my stumps and I was glad he pulled me out of this one. I guess my brother did get him to let us go because the big ape told us, "I will let you guys go if you leave now and never come back".

We agreed never to come back and apologized to the big ape. Through out all of this our parents where still in the star ship probably not even worried about us. There is and example on how much our parents care about us. I guess they do care but give us a lot of independence. They where geeks kind of. We got back to the ship and my brother told our parents about what had happened.

They where like alright lets go then and didn't ask if we where ok. My brother was like in shock or something, I was to but didn't show it. He had a right to be scared and shocked because its not every day you come along a life and death situation. I loved my brother and all but he was sometimes annoying. As the star ship took off I wondered what the next place would be like. I had to stop wondering because we where already about to enter the new atmosphere of the planet we where about to explore.

This place looked really nice, but the old saying is, 'Looks can be deceiving. ' This place looked like Earth, kind of, it looked like Earth because Earth had beaches and trees and all other features that this planet had. It looked livable but looks can be deceiving. We got out of the star ship and our parents came along with us to explore this planet. It was about time they got off their lazy butts and came to help us out. Even though they spoiled my brother, he never took advantage of that and didn't like that they spoiled him and never paid any attention to me.

He was one hell of a nice guy. He would put other people before himself and that was what I liked about him. He hated our parents just as much as I did. We both were very surprised that they where coming along and we where wondering why they came along. They would surprise us when they wanted to and it looked like this surprise would have a bad ending. After them taking us far through the trees and everything.

This seemed very familiar like Earth, but it wasn't. Our parents had brought along food and supplies with them and the robot we had was taking all the supplies for when we found a home. It was a bunch of stuff that would help us get back on our feet. All of a sudden of parents started running back and we just stood there for a second and then started chasing them. They had got back on the star ship and were ready to take off with out us, and they did. They had left.

They pulled out and left my little brother and I here alone. Why they did such a thing I don't know, but this did not affect my brother at all. I kinds felt like he knew that this was going to take place. Well, my brother and I were here alone by ourselves. We had this big planet all to ourselves with enough supplies to last so that we would not die of hunger or anything else. We where sad that our parents had left us but what where we going to do, they had left and we where never going to see them again.

They left us with the supplies and the robot that would do what we said and not suggest anything. My brother told me that it was ok and every thing was going to be all right. I trusted him because I had no one else to trust and knew we going to be here for a long time. Our journey was over but our parent's journey wasn't, so we decided to forgive them and let them have fun and I would take care of my little brother.