Environmental health has always been a concern of the globe. Until recently, overpopulation has only been an idea of the global community. Now, in the year of 2000, it is not only a concern, but a juggernaut of a problem. Today, I come in front of the President and Congress to bring forth the idea of new laws, proposals, and other concerns.

Today, it is evident that the world is in a state of chaos; the food surplus is decreasing, the fossil fuels are being used rapidly, acres of land torn down for supplies. Deforestation, Nitrogen overloads, food and water shortages, diseases and health hazards the list of impacts on the world goes on and on. Do you want your world, nation, state or community to suffer from the aforementioned The world today numbers more than 6,050,000,000 people. It is time for our nations leaders to take a stand on this.

It has become not only a national concern for the US, but a global one, too. Overpopulation does ruin most of the worlds abundance of species of animals and plants. Not only that, but the demolishing of many acres of forest land is killing many species of animals that we do not know about. The deforestation is only done because of lack of supplies and a need for habitable living place. The world as we know it today is not as fruitful as myth has made it to be. There is an overproduction of many animals we eat and many of the food we consume.

Cows and cattle are being overproduced thanks to the consumer need for animals. On the other hand, the con of these animals is the methane gases that go into our o-zone layer, which protects us from harmful UV-Rays and heat. If our o-zone layer was fully depleted, we would all witness the melting of the polar ice-caps. Slowly but surely, the ice caps are melting away. There are many ways we can try to attempt to stop overpopulation from getting to its peak.

Though in-humane, an Asian country has limited the amount of children any one family can have. We can produce birth-control to the public, and more importantly, stress condom use for adolescence. Now how will we go about this One of the reasons I have come to you today is to ask for a federal fund to mass-produce condoms and to eliminate the cost of condoms, or lower condom prices. Today, many teens are discouraged from condom use, and causing a large percent of overpopulation due to promiscuous sex. If teens were more prone to using condoms, the problem we face today would not be as massive. Teens do not use condoms because they are outrageously priced, going three to four (3-4) dollars for a package of three condoms.

It is impossible for any one person to frequently purchase condoms and be an aid to the massive overpopulation. Also, the birth-control idea aforementioned is an idea to create a mass amount of birth-control available to women of all ages. On one hand, overpopulation will take a decrease, but on the other hand, how will one teen tell their parents about their birth-control taking This idea is not the best, but a good deal of help to the cease of overpopulation will be contributed. In conclusion, overpopulation is not only affecting how we eat, live and work, it is affecting our life styles and society around us. It is time for the American Public to take a stand in what we believe in.