Although Gilgamesh was physically perfect and two thirds god, in actuality he is not all that different from any other human. Just like most of us, Gilgamesh had insecurities, doubts, and fears. Additionally he had his flaws. The fact he had to constantly prove himself as brave and strong through dangerous missions shows he probably wasnt as confident as he seemed. In the end, his fear of death consumes him and makes him seem more human then ever before. One of his major flaws was his arrogance.

None of this makes Gilgamesh a bad man, just a normal one. I could think of many people in my life that fits this description. The one that stands out is my ex-boyfriend, Dave. When I first met Dave, I was first struck by his looks.

He was good-looking and had a built body. He looked like the type of guy that wasnt scared of anything. He appeared to be the most self-confident guy that I had ever met. At first his act fooled me, but as time went by it became obvious that he too had insecurities and fears. Dave would constantly pulled dumb stunts. For example, he would play all type of games in the car, that would terrify me.

The most memorable stunt having to do with being in a parking lot. He started to drive around in circles, really fast, while I was half hanging out of the car. There were many others involving major highways and speeding and other cars that are just a blur to me. Somehow, Dave would always avoid accidents and come off looking fearless in the eyes of others. I even saw him that way for a long time. Now looking back and us just being friends now, I see how insecure he was really was.

Every time we were together he had to prove to me how tough, strong and fearless he was, maybe not in such a dramatic way as mentioned above, but he always did something. However, when it was tim for us to talk seriously and openly, he did everything to change the topic and get out of talking to me. In the end, that was what split us apart. Dave was very afraid of letting anyone see who he really was, what he thought, what he felt.

Nobody was let in, not even his friends from elementary school. Maybe, this is all in my head, but to me that shows that he is not as confident as he acts, that he is very insecure about showing his real self. It is really hard to tell a story of someone in just one or two pages. Daves life, just like Gilgamesh or any other persons, could fill up pages and pages. I know I am not a psychologist and I could be wrong about Dave, but this is how I see him. That doesnt make him any different than any other human on this earth.

No matter who you are, how important you are, how strong you are; everyone has their own fears and insecurities. After all that is part of what makes us human..