Violence in Video Games Why do kids want to see the violence in video games? Why do parents let them see the violence? Why do companies make these violent games? Why are some of the most popular video games violent ones? What are some of the ratings that are supposed to protect kids? Today kids seem to prefer games that have blood or violence in them.

Most games, other than sports games, are violent games. There are even games that are based on military action or wars. In these military games there is every thing from the guns they use to the blood that they see. There are also games that depict people shooting aliens. The ratings that are supposed to keep these violent games away from kids do not always work. The ratings prevent kids from buying the games themselves.

The parents just buy the games for them. Many times the parents don't know what they are buying for their kids. The kids older brothers or sisters may just buy the games for them because they don't care what they see. There are ratings that are supposed to protect the kids.

The ratings range from 'Early Childhood' to 'Adults Only. ' To buy a game rated 'Teen,' kids only have to be over thirteen. For 'Mature,' they must be over seventeen to buy it. 'Adults Only' means that anyone over eighteen may buy these games. There are also sub-ratings. Some are as bad as 'Blood and Gore' which means depictions of blood or the mutilation of body parts.

There are many ratings to protect kids. They do work sometimes. Many parents still buy the games for their kids. There are a lot of violent games out there. Kids want the games because they are entertaining but are they good for them?