Spells are being cast, wizards and witches live all around us, schools are infested with ghosts, trolls, and three-headed dogs, and owls are behaving very strangely. That is only a sample of the world of Harry Potter. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone the movie was a great success! The film interpreted a well joined story line relating to the world wide success novel. Magical effects enhanced the film's enjoyment, this movie will surly be Number One this summer. This movie is enchanting and spectacular, one not to be missed.

The movie tells a story about an evil dark wizard - Voldermort. After murdering Harry's Parents: James and Lilly Potter, he turns on Harry, still only a baby, and shoots him with a flash of green light. Although Harry mysteriously deflects it, and as a result, severely injures Voldermort. Harry was left with a distinctive lightning shaped scar on his forehead, reminding him forever, that terrible night. The story is set in a number of locations, giving the film superb scenery and in-depth scenes. The plot falls on, our hero: Harry Potter; a famous student attending a magical school called Hogwarts.

And his faithful friends: Hermione Granger and Ron Weakly. Together they encounter many thrills and spills in the magical world, including the Wizard's game Quidditch. One moment that really caught my eye was the Quidditch match between Slytherin and Gryffindor. The brooms really looked as if they were actually flying.

Another simply spectacular moment was the fearful feeling when Prof. Quill (a teacher at Hogwarts) unravelled his turban and reviled Lord Voldermort himself! G great Special effects were shown throughout the entire film, making features look as real as ever! The Ogre looked great as well as Hagrid's baby dragon. The Movie is great for younger children, and some adults may enjoy it too, I personally give the move 6 out of 10, over all the sound, graphics, and actors were great and I await her next flim. fgf.