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Marijuana has many positive and negative effects on the body. Marijuana Myths have been harmful to society by attracting people to the drug. Myths about the marijuana not being harmful have caused people to use the dug without the effects on the body. Myths are generated by popular culture to give people false ideas about the drug (National Drug Conference 8-9). Marijuana can be historically linked to many countries. Marijuana was used for both religious and medical purposes.

The Chinese used it as an a esthesia during surgery. In France there was a desert called Dawamesc that contained marijuana. It was brought to India in about 2000 B.C. and since has been used by Turkestan and Mongolian Tribes. It was mainly used in sacrificial religion as one of their five kingdoms on plants.

There was a similar use for marijuana in Africa. Africans burned hemp in large fires to breathe the vapors. Eventually clay pipes and water pipes were developed to cool the harsh smoke. Marijuana had different uses in North America when it was introduced to Jamestown in 1611. Settlers used it differently then cultures in other parts of the world. The plant was mainly grown as a source of fiber, under the order of the King of England.

It had a major effect on the colonial clothing industry by being mixed with flax or wool. Sailors also used the marijuana plant material as a substitute for sails on their ships. Overall, Marijuana has a variety of different uses in countries around the world (Responsible Drug Use 194-199) There have been many and investigations conducted on marijuana. At the National Conference on Marijuana use the Marijuana Prevention Initiative said "Research has helped us discover the following: One in three high school students reports using Marijuana today. Marijuana is increasingly available, potent, and cheap.

Marijuana use has risen ion teenagers since 3 11". The rest of the conference had summarized their results and stated that Marijuana use effects all family classes from lower class to upper class (National Drug Conference 1-2). During the 1970's man other research committees conducted similar polls. The Indian amp Drug Commissions Report was published in 189+4. They stated that Marijuana have been commonly used by many people but had produced a minimal of harmful effects. The Guardia Committee Report had been published in 1944 and studied marijuana use in New York City.

It also concluded that Marijuana was a relatively armless intoxicant. Studies from long ago compared to studies today have shown a change in marijuana used and difference in results. (Responsible Drug Use 201-203) Marijuana has been discovered t be very useful in the field of medicine. Effects of marijuana have been known to cause pain relief.

Marijuana was used as an anesthetic in many countries. Marijuana smokers reported that marijuana ad relieved pain while smoking and a much higher tolerance to pain after smoking. In particular, marijuana helps relieve the tension in a headache because of it effect on the brain. It also helps with anxiety because it can be used as a sedative.

Studies have shown that marijuana can also be used as a Bronchodilator. It can help relieve feelings of suffocation during an asthma attack. Many people who smoked marijuana also reported that it helps relieve bronchial congestion of a cold. Marijuana has also been known to relieve nausea. In Cancer Chemotherapy Marijuana has been discovered to increase appetite, slow down weight loss, and relieve nausea (Responsible Drug Use 201-203). Currently Marijuana is illegal to use in the United States, but medical doctors may obtain it under special agreements from the federal government.

This happens so doctors can prescribe it to the most necessary patients (Encyclopedia 318). Marijuana has many uses in the field of medicine and has been reported to help many people. Marijuana has different effects on different organs in the body because it's active ingredient THC, tetra-hydro. Overall, it has many more negative effects on a person then positive..