There are many different categories that fall under the term Animal Rights, but this essay will only discuss a few. Although all of the issues having to do with animal rights are equally important, the ones discussed in this essay are the major ones. Animals have just as many rights as we do. We do not need to use real animals for school dissection. There is no need for humans to use real animal fur anymore. Animals do not need to be used for lab testing for chemicals, household cleaning products, or things for vanity and fashion.

And last but definitely not least we do not need to watch beautiful intelligent animals perform silly mediocre tricks for our entertainment. All of these things violate the rights of animals. Dissection is an archaic practice easily replaced by modern and educationally sound alternatives. Eric Duna yer, V.M.D. Old Bridge, N.J. In biology class students should learn respect for the life of animals. Instead, with the use of dissection they are taught to devalue life and insensitivity towards living beings, which are treated as disposable objects. Some students can develop and carry attitudes that treating animals like this is acceptable into adulthood; which has been shown through recent studies.

Dissection is used to improve a student's knowledge about surgery, but it seems very unjustified considering the very small portion of students in junior high and high school science classes become medical or veterinary surgeons. Also, there are more humane ways for students to learn about surgery. There are many alternatives to using real animals. Alternatives such as using computer programs designed for the dissection of animals like Visi frog, Flexi comp, Physic grip, Spriocomp, and Cardio comp Cambridge Development Laboratory's Educational.

There are also many models and even more worksheets students can use to learn. Humans have evolved drastically over the last 65 million years. Millions and millions of years ago it may have been necessary to use animal fur to keep people warm, but with modern technology, there have been many advances in the clothing industry. In some of the colder climates where the kind of weather is negative all the time it may be necessary to use the animal furs of the moose and caribou they kill to eat, to make blankets and clothing. But in modern day society we do not need to kill animals simply for there furs.

There are many alternatives to animal fur, for instance canvas, cotton, vinyl, nylon, rayon, straw, faux pearls, plastic, rubber or even fig leaves! The Body Shop is very much against animal testing. But the Body Shop is just one of the few companies that does not believe in animal testing. Animals serve two functions in the cosmetics industry, raw ingredients for formulation and perfumes, and they are used for laboratory testing because of human safety and innovation. But we do not need to use animals for testing with the advanced technology we now possess. Scientists could simply use a clone of human skin, which would give a much more accurate result of what this product would do to a human than animal skin could.

Animal Rights Organizations say If the justification for animal testing is that these animals are unlike people, therefore pain can be inflicted upon them, why are they considered close enough to the human species for the results to be meaningful? It is the surely preferable to test products intended for human use on humans. (PETA Guide to animals and product testing) Companies could advertise in papers on the street for volunteers to help out in medical research. Every day thousands of spectator young and old go to circuses and amusement part to look at beautiful animals perform silly tricks. Despite the glitter associated with the circus, performing animals lives are pretty horrible. Trainers usually train their animals with whips and chains.

Animals are tied down to little stakes in the ground where they can barely move. On the end of the whips that are used are little metal hooks that catch the animals skin and gouge it. Most trainers have a philosophy that wild animals should be controlled with force and fear, or else the could turn on them. Marine Parks capture their amusements with whales and dolphins to boost the number of visitors. Many of these animals develop ulcers from the stress of being gawked at all the time, and usually the chemicals in the water irritate the animals eyes and cause severe eye damage. An animals life expectancy is almost cut in half in captivity.

There are many alternatives to watching animal acts, such as watching human beings perform their death defying stunts and going to watch the trapeze acts. These points show that animal rights are equally as important as human rights and they have just as many rights as we do. It was shown that real animals are not needed for school dissection. It was also unnecessary to use real animal fur anymore.

In addition, lab testing of chemicals, household cleaning products or things for vanity and fashion do not require the use of animals. Finally, animals should not be forced to perform silly tricks for our entertainment. All of the above things are a violation of animal rights and should be stopped immediately.