Gregg Easterbrook writes, "Children who don't yet understand the difference between illusion and reality may be highly affected by video violence" (467). This quotation suggests that children who are not taught the difference between right and wrong, and good or evil will not understand the difference of illusion versus reality. Because of this, parents should educate their children on violence so that they will be able to make that distinction between what is right and what is wrong. Today, in our society there is so much violence, especially concerning video games.

Children all over the world engage in playing these violent games, and most of these children have not yet been educated by their parents to understand that what is happening should not be taken literally. Young children especially when playing these games need to be informed about what is happening. At a young age, they don't understand the difference between right and wrong; they tend to believe that violence isn't bad, and that it is okay to take part in what is going on within the game. This is why there are so many school shootings and violent acts going on today in our world. Most of these incidents are inspired by video games and movies. Games and movies really give ideas and act out ways to actually hurt and kill victims.

Children of all ages see what is happening, and if no one has ever taken the time to educate them so that they understand why it is wrong, this kind of violence will continue. Every day we hear of violence in our world; through school shootings, wars, serial killings, and many other incidents. It happens in every part of our world, and the more that we know about it, the more we can try to put an end to it. Video game producers and movie producers need to take the violence issue into effect.

They need to consider the audience that will be affected by what is going on. Video games are intended for children as a form of entertainment, not as a form of violence. Video games need to be acceptable for the young age group, and not for grown adults. Parents should also inform their children about what is happening so that their children know it is merely a form of entertainment, nothing else.

I think education is the key to solve a lot of this problem. Also parents should regulate how much time their children spend playing video games. By doing this there children will understand why they cannot play all of the time, and they won't become wrapped up in violent acts all day long.